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MSN Newsbot New Features

Yesterday’s public release of MSN Search, with some new features and design, with the new and updated MSN Toolbar Suite was joined by a new version of MSN Newsbot. As the MSN Search Weblog explains, the new features are:

  • More top stories (4)
  • More photo highlights
  • Completely integrated into MSN Search
  • List of all the news publishers used
  • Grouping together of similar reports, like those from the AP, so they don’t all annoy you at once
  • New “Photos & similar stories” – see a restyled photo filmstrip with high quality photos from that story and all similar stories.
  • Faster page loads
  • Three new markets (well, technically two, since its Australia and two Canadian languages)

I like the look of the page; its got color and is easy to read. The similar stories page is just great, with a great layout and lots of info and pictures, although I could have done without so many pictures of Michael Jackson.

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