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MSN Search Speaks On MSN Found

The MSN Search Weblog comments on Scoble’s and others complaints on the questionably executed MSN Found viral marketing campaign.

So, we’ve been reading some interesting posts lately about MSN Found. It seems that people are taking us a bit too seriously and have a not-so-accurate perception about what it’s really about. The campaign is simply meant to be an alternative way to entertain people and let them know about MSN Search. The pages aren’t supposed to be “blogs” but are character pages – this is a fictional search “opera,” told through a narrative of the characters. In essence, it is a story that lives within the engine, and will unfold over the next 12 weeks. So yes, these are actors, and this is a story – its intent is to entertain and based on the traffic we think that we are succeeding.

In addition, they are adding RSS (which was left out because of the long times between updates).

Found via Scoble, who also has posted Chapter 1 of his corporate blogging book.

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