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MSN Holding Search Champs II

MSN is sending out the invites for its second “Search Champs” gathering, where it invites search experts from around the world to come in to review and provide feedback on its search engine. The first Search Champs, in October, brought 30 people to Redmond to look at and suggest improvements on MSN Search, which had yet to go public. Those Search Champs included Robin Good, Chris Pirillo, Dave Winer, Marc Orchant, and plenty of other talented people. The Search Champs V2 convene in April, with invitations going out over the next 48 hours. Obviously, they already picked who they’re inviting, so there’s no point in me recommending some of my favorite bloggers. Hopefully, we’ll have a complete list within a few days.

For a little fun, I recommend people try to build a list of the five people you would most like to see in this Search Champs group. I’ve got my list, but I don’t want to piss off anyone by not mentioning them. But if anyone wants to put their own list in the comments, that would be great. I’d recommend experts in user interfaces, personalization, the blogosphere (and the resultant interpersonal/intersite relationships), advertising. Also, and I think this is one of the most important, find a horribly opinionated blogger… who doesn’t blog about technology. Maybe a political blogger. Outside opinions are just as important. Who would you pick?
(via the MSN Search Weblog)

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