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Internet Explorer Search Prefixes

The MSN Search blog reminds everyone (many for the first time) that Internet Explorer has long had a useful buried feature: search prefixes. You can set IE to automatically search when you type a prefix and a word. For example, type “MSN fish” to search for fish on MSN, or actually tell IE to “google something”, and it will, without making you go to or use a toolbar. They’ve put together a script to add searches to all MSN Search features, but the real secret lies within Tweak UI, where you can edit them by hand. Just expand Internet Explorer, click Search, then the “Create” button, and insert the desired prefix and a search URL. The search URL is found by running a standard search and replacing your search term with %s. Now you can add all sorts of super quick searches, for everything from Technorati to eBay or your favorite BitTorrent search engine.

Why doesn’t someone create a bookmarklet to make this even easier?

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