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Sony Reveals Playstation 3

While the Xbox curves in, the Playstation 3 curves out.

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According to Gamespot, the Playstation 3 will use Blu-Ray disks for games, and support CD and DVD formats (including reading writable disks). It will be backwards compatible with Playstation and Playstation 2 games.

It will have slots for Memory Sticks, SD and Compact Flash. More importantly, it will have a slot for a 2.5 inch detachable hard drive, a very, very useful means of removable storage, and the first Playstation to actually have a hard drive at launch.

Up to seven Bluetooth controllers can use the PS3 at once, and there are six USB ports (four up front).

The system will have a 3.2 GHz Cell processor, the same clock speed as the Xbox 360, and 512 MB of RAM, half of which will run at the same speed as the CPU (the other half at 700 MHz). Sony says the PS3 will have 218 teraflops of performance, more than double the Xbox’s 360′s claimed 115.

The graphics chip will have 512 MB of memory. Sony showed off Unreal Tournament 2007, and Rockstar revealed it will produce the next Grand Theft Auto for the PS3. Sony expects to deliver the console in 13 months (June 2006).

C|Net says:

With a radical new design that includes nine separate processors, with one controlling “brain” that will divvy up tasks among its eight peers, the Cell has been touted by developers as a middle ground between the traditionally separate graphics processors and central processors, with advantages over both.


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  1. Gotta say I like the aesthetics of the PS3 more than the 360.

    Looks like it would have to sit on the top of the entertainment stack, though, with that dome on top.

    Comment by Michael Akerman | May 16, 2005

  2. PS 3

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