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Mountain Dew To Give Away An Xbox 360 Every Ten Minutes

Mountain Dew has announced a promotion in which it will give away an Xbox 360 every 10 minutes for nine weeks, a total of 9072 consoles. Entries are made by taking the code under the caps of Mountain Dew and some other Pepsi products to and putting the codes on a ten-minute slot, much like roulette. You can spread them out, or put it all on one slot to really maximize your odds. In addition, they will be giving out games, shirts, hats and other prizes. Bottles with game pieces should be appearing immediately, and drawings will begin August 28.

I plan on buying a lot of bottles and putting them all on one period. Here’s how I figure it: Mountain Dew sold 648 million cases last year. Assuming it will sell half that number between now and the end of the summer (the peak season for sode sales), that’s 324 million cases. Case volume is 192 oz. Assume exactly half the sales are cans. That’s 1,555,200,000 20 oz. bottles. Assuming one quarter of those people will actually remember to sign up, that’s 388,800,000 contest entries. Divided into 9,072 ten-minute slots, that means each drawing will present a one in 42,857 of winning an Xbox 360. If I put 100 entries in a single drawing, that will present me with a one in 428 chance of winning an Xbox 360, absolutely unbelievable odds. Of course, those are all just stupid assumptions and terrible math, but it makes me feel better, so shutup!

If you want to take a crack at the numbers, go ahead.

Oddly, Yahoo is running the promotion.

May 17th, 2005 Posted by | General, Xbox | 15 comments

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  1. Bleh. Mountain Dew.

    And this promotion is so close to making me buy it. I suppose it’s working, then.

    BTW, I’d put your 100 codes in right in the middle. The first few and last few weeks will be the most crowded, as some people will cram their codes in as soon as possible, and some will procrastinate (that would be me). Just a guess, though.

    Comment by Michael Akerman | May 17, 2005

  2. It doesn’t work like that. You have about a one in 1000 chance. And besides, wherever you enter it, there are too many entries. And, they took off email to a friend. No Darn it.

    Comment by Mitch | August 30, 2005

  3. The stores near me still only have the normal mountain dew bottles. As soon as the new shipments come in, I’m buying a ton, waiting till 4 AM, and entering them all at once.

    Comment by Ted DiNola | August 31, 2005

  4. Yeah, I’ve been looking for those damn bottles everywhere.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | August 31, 2005

  5. I got 18 bottles in 2 days which is really bad cuz i’ve been parying and 8 of the codes I entered did not work.

    Comment by Sameet | August 31, 2005

  6. if any of u have some of the codes that u dont want can u plz send them to my email at

    Comment by dwain | September 4, 2005

  7. yeah if any1 could send me codes they dont want or just feel like being nice im accepting them. pleeaseee i need codes!! But i meen imm not trying 2 take any1s xbox theres like no chance 2 win anyway but if u want my email is Thanx.

    Comment by samm | September 7, 2005

  8. I won mine last Sunday!! Put all 102 codes on one slot. There were only 396 entries at the time. WOO HOO!! We hit the local fair the night before and scrounged for caps…picked up over 100 just by asking people before the threw their bottles away. Still can’t believe it!

    Comment by PJ | September 8, 2005

  9. I can’t figure out how to play…Could someone take me step by step .When I look at my acount history it say’s that I have no available sweeps entry’s but I do have 8 avaliable to get point’s .WHAT !!!! Did I enter or not!?

    Comment by patty m | September 8, 2005

  10. This kinda blows…I just want a free f%#$*&
    x-box. Is that so much to ask?

    Comment by Alex | September 8, 2005

  11. Make sure to keep your caps in order to vrify that you were the one who had the code…

    Comment by Alec | September 10, 2005

  12. I just won one this morning! You can check it out on the Winner’s Board. I won today, September 10th, at 11:30AM and my intials are M.H. and I’m from Plainville, GA. I’ve only entered 17 codes from bottlecaps.

    Comment by Matthew | September 10, 2005

  13. Check out this article it gives an overview of the Xbox 360 “Every 10 Minutes” contest: Every 10 Minutes Contest Codes Become a Commodity

    Comment by Jones | September 18, 2005

  14. what are some codes

    Comment by mason | October 13, 2005

  15. i want to win xbox 360

    Comment by kobina | November 23, 2005

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