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Baseball Game To Start On Xbox: Most Brilliant Publicity Stunt Ever

In a brilliant (albeit wacky) idea, the first two innings of an actual minor league baseball game will be played on an Xbox, with the third inning picking up where the virtual game left off. The July 16th game between the Kansas City T-Bones and the Schaumburg Flyers will begin with two T-Bones fans playing two innings of MVP Baseball 2005 on reclining chairs situated around home plate. The fans will be the two finalists in a 16-player tournament scheduled for July 9, and those 16 will come from high scores recorded at area CompUSA stores.

The game will be between digitized versions of the two teams, complete with scanned faces and accurate stats. No word on why a T-Bones fan would do anything to hurt his team by trying to win with the Flyers, but we’ll have to see how this one goes. This game is especially important, since the T-Bones and Flyers are rivals who faced in the playoffs last year, and those two innings will absolutely count in the standings.
(via Kansas City Star > Boing Boing)

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