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Gates/Jobs Musical

Yes, there is actually a musical opening next month about the lives of Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Steve Jobs. Nerds: A Musical Software Satire, opens September 20 with eight performances at off-Broadway theatre The Beckett. Follow the link to hear two songs, “I’m Just A Nerd” and “Windows Rap”. Hopefully I’ll be able to review it for you guys.
(via Steve Rubel)

August 24th, 2005 Posted by | Apple, Corporate, General, Humor | 2 comments

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  1. Bill Gates Musical

    Oh – my – giddy – aunt.

    Inside Microsoft:

    “Yes, there is actually a musical opening next month…

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  2. NERDS:// A Musical Software Satire

    From the press release (.pdf):

    Featuring song titles such as “Stroll Through the PARC,” “A Revolution Starts with One,” “Let’s
    Merge” and “IÂ’ve Gotta Lotta Money,” NERDS is an outrageous epic…

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