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Halo Movie Greenlit

Gamespot reports from Variety that the Halo movie has now been set by joint studios Fox and Universal to hit theatres in the summer of 2007.

Peter Schlessel (American Gun) will produce the flick, which was scribed by author Alex Garland. Garland, whose previous credits include the novel and film adaptation of The Beach and zombie-horror film 28 Days Later, was reportedly paid $1 million for the Bungie-approved script.

The deal gives several Bungie employees “extensive consultation” on the project, but it doesn’t give them final word.

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  1. Halo Movie Coming in Summer 2007

    GameSpot, through Variety, reports:

    Microsoft and movie magnates Fox and Universal reconfirm 2007 target date; film based on Xbox’s biggest seller set for that summer.

    If all goes according…

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