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Want Your Own Free Xbox 360?

So, happy me, I’m getting a free Xbox 360. I put up a link way back when, and discovered last week that I had amassed a butt-load of referrals. One six dollar order of diet pills later, and I’m confirmed for a free Xbox 360.

Free Xbox screenshot

I guess the post where I put up the links the first time did pretty well on Google. I have 24 referral links, which would have been enough for three free consoles if I had noticed earlier. Anyway, I’m not going to try to find another credit card and do it again, so if anyone wants the links on the original post changed to their referral link (Freepay only, I don’t trust anyone else), they can have it. I’ll even put your link in this post, and my sidebar.

The deal? For every qualified referral you get, you owe me ten bucks, but no more than fifty (I need more controllers!). Screenshot your account before I put up the link and after it, so we know how many you already had, and for each referral you already have you pay a dollar less (since no one can be sure that all the new ones come from me). I can’t guarantee you’ll get what you need, but I’ve been picking up about six qualified referrals a month.

I’m an honest guy, and if it seems like it isn’t working, I won’t cheat you. You pay me afterwards, so you can just tell me to go to hell if I didn’t help at all. The flip side? No anonymous people need apply. If I don’t know you, or if you don’t have a well-known blog or other public presence, don’t bother commenting. If we’re going to use the honor system, then I need someone who falls under the jurisdiction of the court of public opinion.

It just seems wasteful to be picking up all those referrals and getting nothing out of it. And I need more controllers!

November 7th, 2005 Posted by | General | 137 comments

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  1. Congrats. I’ve been meaning to try those freebie things. Maybe one day I will.

    Comment by Patrick | November 7, 2005

  2. [...] Did I mention I’m getting a free Xbox 360, and am selling the links to anyone who wants the next free one? Yup, yup. [...]

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  3. Nice. I have 1 referral for the free xbox 360. Haven’t really been pimping out my Awesome Conga lately. If all the people who signed up would do their offer, then I would have enough. But it seems like some people disappeared.

    Comment by Jason | November 8, 2005

  4. Nathan-

    I’d love to do this with you. Don’t know if I am anonymous or not. I was mentioned in Business Week a couple week’s back, the Cramer article. I’d have that reputation to lose if I screwed ya. That said, I’ve been looking for a cheap way to get the xbox and maybe you are the man to help me. Thanks, Brian

    Comment by Brian Johnson | November 8, 2005

  5. nathan,

    I’m down for this. maybe you can rotate each of ours and maximize your referral income!

    Comment by adam | November 9, 2005

  6. Hey this sounds cool is u can help me i will help you no questions asked!!!!

    Thkx MAn= )

    Comment by zack | November 12, 2005

  7. Thx again………

    Comment by zack | November 12, 2005

  8. congrats on your free xbox
    hey guys, check this site out, it gives you an option to get it with a few games, or an extra controller for just a few more referrals.
    these sites are really easy all you have to do is get some friends to do some free trials, and you wont get charged anything at all if you cancel them if you dont like the service. This site has a lot of free offers and you can also get a gift card instead of the xbox, the gift card ships faster.
    These sites are really easy, check it out.

    Comment by zman | November 13, 2005

  9. Has anyone “actually” received ANYTHING from these things? I seem to find nothing but referral BS and someone saying they are getting one, but no one actually saying yes I received it, or even provided any pictures. Like this is fantasy referral land for what….??

    Comment by Adam | November 14, 2005

  10. Adam, I trust them. They sent me a free iPod Shuffle:

    Besides, if they fail to deliver, the wrath of myself and the many others who were supposed to get this will come down on them. We all spent money for those limited offers, and it would be an enormous case of fraud if they lied. My referral list alone has enough people for a class action.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | November 14, 2005

  11. Hey guys, my referral link is at the bottom! Please help me out! With this offer you only need to spend 99 cents! AMAZING!!! Just do the real rhapsody offer and cancel within 1 month, its THAT easy, post your referral link all over the web and you’ll have a free xbox 360 in no time!! Thanks to anyone who helps me out.

    Comment by Brad Scharmann | November 16, 2005

  12. Im just a couple away!

    Comment by Andrew Boles | November 16, 2005

  13. To Adam who said :

    “Has anyone “actually” received ANYTHING from these things? I seem to find nothing but referral BS and someone saying they are getting one, but no one actually saying yes I received it, or even provided any pictures. Like this is fantasy referral land for what….??”

    Yes, it is real!!! However, there are scam sites like these so watch out for those. Do a bit of research (I’ve noticed ppl posting sites on this site – they’re proven to be a scam).

    I’ve recently recieved a psp, and am expecting another psp – a WHITE one this time – for free!!! I’m also expecting 1 video ipod and 2 ipod nanos all THIS month!!! Definitely not a scam as I’ve explained how it all works on my website.

    If you need more help into how I got all this stuff, how you can get it too, and how it works, etc. post a comment at the blog on my site and I’ll help everyone that needs it!!! :)

    Comment by LEGIT FREEBIES | November 18, 2005

  14. I am new to this, but any way anyone can help me get 8 referrals?

    Thanks in advance.

    Comment by Bryan Burgett | November 18, 2005

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    Comment by Larry Morris | November 19, 2005

  16. I would like to participate in your offer for the free xbox. I would be more than happy to pay $10 for every referral you bring me. The website that I have listed there is my online business that I will be launching soon. Again, the website is not launched yet but I am planning on launching it within two weeks. Please contact me.

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  17. I will give you $15 if you complete a referral for me!

    Comment by travis Krichman | November 21, 2005

  18. Hey Everyone,

    We should all just stop charging for FREE Xbox360′s and just refer eachother. My referral is listed below (or above), so please refer me, and I will refer each of you. I have oompleted efax (the easiest to cancel) so I am already set. please refer me, before the Xbox’s are gone! take care

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  20. I would be more than willing to give you 10 for any referrals that you can bring me. Also if any of you complete a referral for me I will do the same for you.

    Comment by Anthony Rao | November 22, 2005

  21. not a bad deal. 50 dollars for an xbox 360?

    Comment by andy | November 22, 2005


    Comment by andy | November 22, 2005

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  27. Pay it forward! Help me out and someone will do the same for you. just like i did for the guy who’s link i clicked. it’s good karma.

    Comment by Dave | November 28, 2005


    Comment by Dave | November 28, 2005

  29. Woops I accidentally posted the wrong link. My bad. Please help me out. Thanks in advance!

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  34. I am really having a hard time, so anyone who can help me out thanks alot.

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  43. You can do your offers yourself

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  45. Hi, I’ve just started the Free Xbox 360 and this is my referral link:

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    i dont know if this is considered spamming, but please excuse me if it is.

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  60. Could someone please help me get some referrals i’m new to this and don’t have any yet. i would be very greatful to anyone who would be kind enough to help me out and would be more than happy to do the same for them. Many thanks.

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  61. If your in the U.K this is best, only 10 referrals

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  67. Does this actually work I heard it was just a scam.

    Comment by Cloud | January 22, 2007

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  76. i didnt even get my xbox 360 its a scam

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  78. thought it would have published the link in the last post but it didn’t so i will try again. Sorry.

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