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How To Use The PS3 Controller

Kotaku links to an animated PlayStation 3 controller tutorial. “As easy to use as a steering wheel”.

So, lets see. Nintendo will release a revolutionary controller, but one that requires developer innovation to really succeed. Microsoft releases an evolutionary controller, probably the finest traditional controller ever. And Sony? They release a controller with a traditional button scheme, but non-traditional shape. Regardless of who wins the next generation, it seems Sony is certainly in third place with their controller.

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links for 2005-11-30

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Kotaku On Xbox Resupply, Return Numbers, Reports Kotaku

Since Gawker properties have the awful invite-only comment system, I’m responding to a Kotaku article here. See the article, on the second shipments of the Xbox 360 and the number of people sending in systems with problems, starts off with this nice sentence:

USA Today is reporting that Microsoft plans to ship Xbox 360s to retailers on a weekly basis, according to a USA Today article.

Blech! That sort of lead is exactly the reason I have a job…

Oh, before you say it, I have an invite sitting in my inbox. I choose not to use it. I manage over 500 comments spams a day, and I’m not getting paid what they are. So they can manage if I can.

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Sure, Shop In Your Undies

Microsoft ran a strange publicity stunt in Times Square today, where Cedric the Entertainer encouraged people to “Shop in Your Undies”, or from your computer, on sites like MSN Shopping. Forgetting about the substance of the press release (yes, 31% shop online), I am a bit weirded out by this quote:

…it seems a lot of people will be dressing down and getting comfortable in front of their PCs over the next month.

Jeez, what you do in your own time is your business! Keep it to yourselves!

And Cedric doesn’t sound like a living press release when he says:

Why would I want to deal with overcrowded parking lots and having to go from store to store to find exactly what I’m looking for, when I can kick back in my undies, down a few glasses of egg nog, and get gifts for all my family and friends on MSN Shopping — without even getting out of bed?

Why, that’s exactly the sort of off-the-cuff and original humor Cedric is known for…

There is one bit of very useful information in the release, however:

This holiday season, to make it even more convenient for shoppers everywhere, MSN Shopping also features a Free Shipping Center, which lists merchants that will ship gifts for free; Procrastination Central, which begins Dec. 13 and offers hundreds of great last-minute gifts that retailers can ship for delivery by Christmas; and an exclusive savings program that offers savings of up to 65 percent on popular gifts.

That could prove quite useful.

But seriously, I never knew so many women wore boxers. Shows what I know about women, I guess. And here I had this crazy idea that almost every woman on the planet wears some form of panties, yet in that crowd, every single person, man or woman, was wearing boxers.

Coincidentally, many of those boxers had MSN Shopping logos. Pure coincidence.

Memo to Microsoft: It won’t seem politically correct, but if you had real people in their real underwear, you’d get a lot more publicity. Pay pedestrians to strip down to their undies, and you make every local newscasts. Where’s the bold thinking in Redmond?

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Fremont Live Vs. Google Base

Microsoft already has its Google Base-like online marketplace in development, called Fremont and behind firewall at, Gary Price reports. Knowing Microsoft, it won’t have half the buzz Base has, but when it launches it’ll have many of the features Google doesn’t, like a payment system. I for one can’t wait to see it.

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Apply For The Next MSN Search Champs

MSN has opened up applications for the next Search Champs events, where it flies down different types of professionals to its campus to brainstorm the MSN Search engine and technologies. To get in this time, you have to complete a survey. The event will be held this year on January 24-26, a perfect time for me, as I will be free anyway that week (if anyone is listening).

If you are thinking of applying, do take caution. The first Search Champs event had participants like Dave Winer, Chris Pirillo, Robin Good, David Weinberger, Liz Lawley, Buzz Bruggerman, Marc Orchant, Stephen Bink, and many others. The second was just as “star-studded”. I wouldn’t suggest applying unless someone at MSN is likely to know who you are, and only if you bring something unique to the table. Its likely to be another strong group, so getting through will not be easy.

Put it differently, don’t go because you think it’d be cool. Go if you have some fresh ideas.

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