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So, What Can’t I Live Without?

Another post written in the past: Last week, I had to reformat my Dell laptop, since the crappy hard drive died on me. So, what programs absolutely had to be installed on the fresh system?

  • Microsoft Office 2003 and OneNote 2003
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Opera (browser of choice)
  • Microsoft AntiSpyware
  • Windows OneCare Live
  • Nero suite (for burning and recoding disks)
  • SmartFTP
  • DVD Decrypter (for “backups”)
  • ISOBuster
  • AIM Triton
  • Windows Live Messenger Beta
  • Google Talk
  • uTorrent
  • Handset Manager (for my cell phone)
  • Microsoft Calculator Plus
  • Baseball Mogul 2006
  • Football Mogul 2006
  • The Movies
  • Quicktime 7 Pro (so I can save movies and watch them offline and full-screen later)
  • Portable Media Center drivers
  • Yahoo Music Engine (for my DRM music)
  • Sound Blaster Live 24-bit External drivers
  • Semagic (which I discovered can recreate copy and pasted HTML code better than anything else)
  • WinRAR
  • GetDataBack for NTFS (since hard drives always fail)
  • Mount VD
  • Plaxo
  • I8kfanGUI (allows me to control the poorly-set Dell laptop fans)

Stuff I’ll probably eventually reinstall:

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 7 beta 1
  • WindowsBlinds
  • Cursor XP
  • WinAMP
  • Windows Media Bonus Pack
  • Sphere XP
  • An outdated, but less-bloated version of RealPlayer
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Office 12 beta

God, I hope I didn’t forget anything. What should I have, that I don’t use?

January 9th, 2006 Posted by | AntiSpyware, Applications, Firefox, General, Internet Explorer, Live, Messenger, Office, OneNote, Security, Windows, Yahoo | 7 comments

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  1. No desktop search, like Google Desktop?

    Does Office 12 beta overwrite Office 2003, or can you have both on your system?

    I prefer the free 7-Zip (from for all my file compression needs — supports RAR as well.

    You can get an ad-ware free version of Real Player at (The BBC’s privacy policy required that Real produce such a version.)

    Comment by Stu | January 9, 2006

  2. Ditch the quicktime and real and get:

    Quicktime Alternative

    Real Alternative

    They allow easy downloading and you can play the file in almost any media player.

    Comment by badrad | January 9, 2006

  3. Stu: Desktop Search turns a fast system into a slow one, and a fast one can do search just fine (especially if you multitask while searching).

    Office 2003 and Office 12 can coexist, with a few conflicts. Like, when I try to send email from Outlook 2003, it sees Word is version 12, and sends an error (defaulting to plain text). If you mess with filetype preferences, you can kind of fix it.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | January 9, 2006

  4. I used to be heavy into Baseball Mogul. I have 99-2005.

    Comment by Patrick | January 10, 2006

  5. Someone should do some kind of benchmark to show the effect that different desktop search programs have on systems. It’d probably be so arbitrary that it wouldn’t really be fair or useful…but when has the media ever let that stop them? :D

    Anyway, I used my laptop heavily before installing Google Desktop Search 2 on it, so I had a really good feel for it’s normal behavior. Didn’t notice any slowdown since putting GDS2 on it.

    The biggest boon for me having it installed isn’t just the speed — and I’m all about the multitasking, but I like to have my search results right away — but having all the web pages I visit in IE and Firefox get indexed (including multiple versions if they’ve been updated).

    Comment by Stu | January 10, 2006

  6. mmm, I certainly would add:
    Maxthon, an IE based browser
    Desktopsidebar, (what’s in a name;-))
    Skype, how can u live without it!

    Comment by Jurgen | January 11, 2006

  7. Patrick: The most recent version has contract negotiations, a feature so great that it makes it an entirely new game.

    Jurgen: I’m more of an Opera fan. And who has time for Skype? It seems like a great service, but I need more phone calls like I need more emails.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | January 11, 2006

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