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MSN Spaces Gets New Features

Dare Obasanjo writes about the new features MSN Spaces just shipped. They include:

  • Pretty good search at the top of every page
  • Advertising through Kanoodle, optional for bloggers to turn on
  • Amazon Associates integration, makes links in your reading list earn some money
  • Improvements to blog navigation, like those “previous” and “next” buttons I should have
  • Sorting your blog front page by date or title
  • Slide out contact cards, like in Messenger, activated by a right-click
  • Xbox Live gamer cards
  • Commenting with rich text and photos
  • Near-unlimited photo uploading, changing the limit to 500 photos per month from 30 MB
  • More themes, bringing the total over to 129

Very cool to see a company continuing to develop, and develop at a high level, its hosted blogging service, acknowledging the millions of people who use it.
(via Scoble)

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