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WordPress Recommends Firefox

Heh. I had just set Opera to identify as Internet Explorer, and I almost immediately noticed an image in my WordPress control panel recommending I “Browse Happy” with Firefox.

Browse Happy

I was kind of worried that WordPress was telling me Firefox was better than Opera, but it dissapeared when Opera identifies as itself.

Here’s a page in Opera as IE:

WordPress - Browse Happy

And Opera identifying as itself:

WordPress - Already Happy

How does Opera pull this off? Well, the page source code reveals nothing:

< p id="bh" style="text-align: center;" >< a href="" title="WordPress recommends a better browser" >< img src="images/browse-happy.gif" alt="Browse Happy" / >< /a >< /p >

So, I checked the CSS and found this:

* html #poststuff {
height: 100%; /* kill peekaboo bug in IE */

/* This is the Holly Hack \*/
* html .wrap { height: 1% }
/* For Win IE's eyes only */

So, what is the Holly Hack? Basically, Internet Explorer expands boxes if their content is larger than the stated size of the box, such as long URLs. Other browsers don’t, and let the content break out of the box. And I guess Opera, when identifying as IE, so properly mimicks IE as to actually support hacks that use IE!

Thusly, Firefox gets its ad in WordPress.


As an aside, Danish Munir notes in my comments that Windows Live displays a message in Internet Explorer 7 telling you how to add Windows Live Search to your IE7 search box. I think every website should do this, for every browser; it would make our lives easier.

Add Windows Live to IE7

Anyone want to find out what hack used?

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