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Former Microsofties Create Flickr Competitor

Thomas Hawk reports that some former Microsoft execs have started a photo sharing site called Vizrea, and they are getting some great press. Walt Mossberg is using the service, the Seattle Times wrote about them today and their Venture blog called Vizrea in October their “stealth startup of the week“.

Who’s running Vizrea?

Mike Toutonghi, Vizrea’s CEO and founder, is a former co-founder, General Manager, and Distinguished Engineer on Microsoft’s .NET platform, as well as the former founder and Corporate Vice President in charge of the Microsoft Windows e-Home Division that developed Windows XP Media Center Edition. The Vizrea teamis composed ofindustry veterans with key members in the US and Europe.

So, what’s different about Vizrea? According to Michael Gartenberg, this is all about enabling “contextual flow applications”, and the members of the team with Media Center pedigrees should give you some sort of clue.

Contextual flow is marked by the seamless transition from one digital context to another, regardless of location or type of device used or the nature of the content or information being accessed.

Michael says that while photos are a good place to start, this type of platform can handle other types of data. If they are planning on having the one-stop shop for all your media sharing, a site that handles photos, podcasts/audio, video and other things, they could be taking on several Web 2.0 companies (Flickr/Odeo/YouTube) at once.

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