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Microsoft Announces OneCare Pricing

Okay, as predicted, here are the details on OneCare’s public release:

  • Windows OneCare Live will arrive in June in stores or as a download, costing $49.95 for up to three computer.
  • Those who signed up for the beta (which closes on April 31), will be able to subscribe for the first year for $19.95 between April 1 and April 31.
  • OneCare will include Windows Defender for spyware protection, as well as the already included antivirus, firewall, tuneup and backup features
  • OneCare will also include tech support, available via e-mail, phone and web chat, at no additional charge

The last one is huge. We’re talking about Microsoft offering PC technical support at a decent price. By itself, that is worth more than the cost of a OneCare subscription, based on what MS normally charges. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from a 20 dollar first year of OneCare. Sign up, peoples!

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