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MSN To Relaunch As MSN Media Network?

LiveSide says they have word MSN is going to relaunch and rebrand as the MSN Media Network. MSN MN, or MMN, or MSNMN, or whatever acronym they settle on, will feature an expanded MSN Video with movies and TV, as well as a podcasting service with MSN produced podcasts with celebrity interviews.

Several sources have indicated to us that MSN plans to relaunch itself as the MSN Media Network, whilst at the same time expanding its range of interactive and content rich services. As well as continuing to deliver content through and MSN Music, the MSN Video team is evolving to include Movies and TV. Both these sites have already been revamped at the end of last year and feature show times and reviews as well as the latest entertainment news.

We have also learnt there are plans to launch a new podcasting service later this year, featuring MSN produced content such as celebrity interviews. However it remains unclear at this time whether all podcasters will be free to list on the new site, or whether it will only feature MSN approved content.

This is all kind of necessary to keep MSN a viable brand, since all the popular services are moving over to Windows Live. Microsoft spent 11 years making MSN very well known, and one of the most trafficked sites in the world, and they won’t let that just wilt away.
(via Microsoft Watch)

February 7th, 2006 Posted by | General, MSN | one comment

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  1. Ugh, I don’t like the direction of it all.

    MSN Messenger -> WLM, which doesn’t exactly sound great in either English or Dutch.

    All kinds of stuff -> Windows Live, which I’m already getting to know as “look, more bloated Microsoftware”

    And now MSN -> MMM. HMMM. It just doesn’t have that (familiar) sound.

    Yuch. It’s bad enough that Microsoft doesn’t know how to make an interface that fits in with Windows (examples: Messenger, WMP, and IE7 to some degree). Can’t it just all be 50% more Notepad?

    Comment by Tim | February 8, 2006

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