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Which Virtual Machine

I’m not a big fan of Java, I don’t like having it installed on my system, so when I reformatted, I tried avoiding it. Managed for almost a month, amazingly. Well, now I need Java Virtual Machine. How many are out there? Is there a better one than Sun’s? Doesn’t Sun’s install annoying startup programs? These are things I’d like to know before I install one.

Why am I installing? So I can run the “NSA Global Threat Display” as my wallpaper, of course!

February 7th, 2006 Posted by | General | 4 comments

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  1. I’m using Sun’s VM.

    It’s crap, stay away from it.

    I mean, what kind of software starts blacking out your screen if you just change the amount of antialiasing in a configuration utility of your GeForce? Well, only Sun’s VM, apparently. It doesn’t even use regular Windows’ buttons and such (leaving me unable to even look at the options while I had that issue).

    I loved Microsoft’s VM, only it’s insecure by now… Sun just had to spoil it for us with their idiot lawsuits… I hate Java.

    Comment by Tim | February 7, 2006

  2. Yep, it’s total crap. JAVA is the worst of the worst. It’s bloated (what like 125 MB just to install the VM?) and slow. Screw Sun. I hope they get what’s coming to them.

    Comment by J.P. | February 7, 2006

  3. Sun’s is the “most compatible”, but JRocket is faster and sleeker. BEA actually optimizes it for modern processors and it is noticably better in performance.

    I use IBM’s JRE as a last resort because they fiddled with some of the crypto libraries and it isn’t 100% compatible with Sun’s version. This has caused problems for me in the past.

    Comment by Charles Hill | February 7, 2006

  4. I use Sun’s JavaVM (1.5.x) with no significant problems. If you don’t want it to run the startup program (which just periodically checks for updates) then you can disable it, and any other startup program, with tools like Spybot S&D or MS AntiSpyware.

    Comment by Jim | February 7, 2006

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