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Bill Gates Hits Channel 9 Again

Bill Gates has done his second interview with Channel 9, this time with Charles Torre. Some things we learned:

  • Gates is addicted to 24, and almost only watches TV on the treadmill
  • Bill plays more video games than I do. Damn!
  • Gates and Ballmer will critique each other’s schedules
  • Gates’ Mix ’06 keynote will be just him sitting on a stool; no PowerPoints
  • Gates refers to any non-Windows Vista versions as “downlevel”, and never by name. I guess they’re dead to him
  • If you break compatibility, you’re throwing away an asset. A great philosophy, but what good is that asset if you only let us install it once?
  • Gates describes Office 12 (2007) as “sexy”. Sadly, I agree :-)
  • Websites Gates uses: Hotmail (surprisingly. He must have 50 gigs of storage), Engadget, video sites.
  • Microsoft TV: “Way too early”.
  • Gets get sent links all the time by people, the same “This is cool!” emails we all get.
  • Channel 9: A phenomenon

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