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Voice Recognition In Windows Vista

Chris Henley has a screencast of voice recognition in Windows Vista. Chris says it will “knock your socks off”. We’ll see.

The 13:26 video starts off with a very scary fish. Clearly, this feature sucks :-)

In the Speech Recognition area of the Control Panel, you get to set up speech recognition, your microphone, take speech tutorials, train your computer, or print out a speech reference card. In setting up recognition, you choose your type of microphone. To improve accuracy, you enable “Document Review”, which reviews your documents and emails to learn your speech patterns.

Help teaches you how to do different tasks like dictation.

You can choose whether or not to run speech recognition at system startup.

When running, there is a speech recognition tool docked at the top of the screen (how about using a Gadget instead?). It runs on startup, but is disabled. You tell it “Start listening” to activate. Opening programs is as simple as saying “Open Microsoft Word 12″. You can use commands like “select [word]” and “delete that”.

Chris says he’s doing pretty well with it, despite taking none of the tutorials.

You can dictate in Notepad just as well as Word. This is because speech recognition has nothing to do with individual programs. Speech recognition acts entirely off whats on the screen. On web pages, you can say “show numbers”, and images are replaced by numbered boxes, and you can thus “click” on the images with your voice.

Verdict: I gotta say, it looks really good, definitely better than my last experience with voice recognition three years ago. Considering that you are getting a feature you’d normally have to pay for, that seems to work very well, and likely won’t slow down the operating system like most of these programs, I’d say there might be a lot of people using Voice Recognition in Vista. At the very least, it means you can control PowerPoint presentations with a Bluetooth headset, I’ll bet, and that should look cool.
(via Keith Combs)

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