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MSN AdCenter Increasing Volume 70%

MSN is rolling out AdCenter fast, sending out an email that they are increasing ad traffic by 70% on Monday. MSN had been using AdCenter for 25% of searches for a short time now, and switching it on for almost another 50% after a short period shows a pretty good level of confidence in the service. Should feel nice for them to finally be rolling most of their ads and making their money themselves.

The email, from Search Engine Roundtable:

Hi everyone, I’m sending this email to folks who participated in our last Community Briefing. This mail is part of our plan to keep community people in the loop on upcoming adCenter changes. If you’d rather not receive mails like this from me, please let me know and I’ll take you off my list right away. I want to share some good news regarding the adCenter pilot – we’re now ready to increase traffic to adCenter campaigns. We’ll be increasing traffic by approximately 70% from our current levels. If you’re a pilot user, this means that your budget may be impacted due to the increase. Also, as more traffic is directed to adCenter, you should expect a decrease in traffic from your Yahoo! Search campaigns. You will be notified about the size and timing of additional traffic increases as we move towards launch. The traffic increase is scheduled to begin on Monday February 27th. Pilot users should begin to see an impact on Tuesday February 28th, however, it may take several days to perform the increase. Feel free to share this info in blogs and forums if you wish. Tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) I’ll be putting up a post on our blog about this. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Carolyn

Weird thing: I have access to the AdCenter pilot program, but it won’t let me in. The website only accepts Internet Explorer 6. It doesn’t even allow Internet Explorer 7, when there really isn’t a good reason IE7 shouldn’t work. It probably just refuses any browser other than the specific target browser. I hate websites that do that, and any site run by Microsoft should know better.

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