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Free USB Drive From Microsoft

There’s no way this will last, so apply now. Supplies are limited! Eh, whatever.

But seriously, this is a decent deal. Fill out your info, answer four questions, and get a free 16 megabyte USB thumb drive in 6-8 weeks. 16 megs ain’t much, but its free, so who gives.

So, instructions: See that image at right? You’ll also see it on this page (don’t use Opera). Click on it, then follow the instruction. When you get to the questions, the answers are, in order:

  • 2
  • True
  • True
  • True

Its that easy. Don’t fill out fake info, or else you won’t get it. Scratch that. Fill in my info.

Thank Raymond.CC for the tip. Get in before Diggers or Slashdotters kill this opportunity.
(via Findory)

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