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Halo 2 For Windows Vista News

Bungie has issued a status update for the coming Windows Vista version of Halo 2. Basically, they don’t reveal much except to say the obvious (Halo 2 PC will run at resolutions other than 480i, since that’s what PCs do), the dissappointing (Halo 2 online won’t use Xbox Live, and you won’t get to play with Xbox players) and the very cool (map customization):

There will also be some kind of map-customization ability. Does that mean you can build your own maps from scratch, pixel by pixel, importing your own textures, scripts and detailed shaders? Or does it mean one empty room and a crate? Well, we’ll have more news on that later this year, but it will be cool, we guarantee that.

Oh hell, there’s one more: They might be working on Halo 2 for the Mac. Maybe. We’ll see on that one.
(via Mac Davis)

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