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Origami Project Update

The Origami Project website has now been updated. Check out The site now shows several locations, including a park, mountain top, subway and a car, and says “I am everywhere you are, but never in the way”. More to come in a week.

As Engadget points out, the website’s source code now contains the commented out line:

Origami Project: the Mobile PC running Windows XP

We basically know most of what Origami is and what i does. The only real questions that remain: Wll it look good? What battery life will it get? How much will it cost? How powerful will it be? Can I make a grilled cheese sandwich on it?

March 2nd, 2006 Posted by | General, Tablet PC | 2 comments

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  1. Think that commented-out line might be a head fake? I don’t know why, it just seems weird that they’d do it if that were really the case — people already have a basic idea of what it is from that video floating around, why the need to come out and explicitly explain that it’s a mobile PC on XP?

    Hmmmm…or maybe I’ve been hanging out with too many marketroids today.

    Comment by Stu | March 2, 2006

  2. [link removed]

    No offense ;-)

    Comment by Tim | March 3, 2006

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