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Windows Live Search Macros

A new feature launching with Windows Live Search today are Macros. Macros are simple ways to use advanced search operators, letting you customize your Live Search experience to the things you search for on a consistent basis.

Right now there are 40 macros at, with more coming. In the future, you will be able to create macros on your own and share them with the world. Microsoft invited Search Champs earlier this week to create some of the first macros, and I’ll go through the list so you get a better idea of what some of these do.

The “Find Videogames” Macro runs a searches with:

( OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR -inurl:forums

Basically, it searches all of those sites, except for forums pages. All you have to do to use this macro is either:

  • Click the button to add it to the “scope bar” on Live Search OR
  • When searching in Live Search, type “macro:livesearch.videogames [query]“.

You can link to your macro to use it quickly as well. Here’s an example search, searching all those sites for info on Halo. As you can see, it seems complicated, but once you start using it, it can be a huge time-saver.

Another macro, livesearch.findmusic, searches:

((prefer:music | prefer:album | prefer:song | prefer:lyrics | prefer:mp3 | prefer:cd ) (contains:mp3 | contains:wma))


Or brady.gawkermedia (I believe this was created by Brady Forrest), searches all Gawker blogs:



There are Macros right now for conservative or liberal sites, podcasts, O’Reilly sites, coupons, recipes, personal homepages, the show Lost, tech news sites, and a bunch of others. For now Macros are limited to 25 items, but that is expected to rise.

Keep in mind, the new features may not work yet for you. If they do, try installing a few to see how easy they are to use.

But wait, there’s more…

Brandon LeBlanc
Erik Porter (who wrote the feature)

March 8th, 2006 Posted by | General, Live, Search, Windows | 2 comments

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  1. Nathan, awesome article. Alot better than what I wrote!

    Comment by Brandon LeBlanc | March 9, 2006

  2. Windows Live Search, with Macros!…

    The Windows Live news just keep coming….this time it’s Windows Live Search, with Macros!
    Nathan over……

    Trackback by Alex Barnett blog | March 9, 2006

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