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Windows For Legacy Systems Delayed

Ars reports that Windows For Legacy PCs, originally slated to drop this month, has been rescheduled for late 2006. Ars speculates that Microsoft realized Legacy Windows doesn’t have a lot of appeal in its current incarnation, and decided to hold off on it till the program can find a place.

Windows For Legacy PCs is a super-lightweight operating system, based on Windows CE, designed to run Remote Desktop (and thus run “real” versions of Windows) off other systems, as well as a few very basic applications. The idea was to compete with Linux on old hardware, some of which gets a new lease on life with non-Windows operating systems.

Legacy Windows seems like a good idea. Take useless hardware, install Legacy Windows, and then you can run Windows XP/Vista from a remote system. The problem is, it would only be available for Software Assurance licensing customers, a stupid idea that limits the marketplace.

Here’s what I would do. Besides offering it to enterprises through SA, why not release it in stores as a $10 USB dongle. The tagline: “Run your home Windows anywhere, even on really old computers. No software required, just plug and play”. Plug in the USB drive, Legacy Windows runs and connects with Remote Desktop, and bam, an old computer is useful again. And you could use this anywhere, from any system.

You could remote in from old hardware, from non-Windows PCs (like Linux and Apple) systems, and all you’d need is a keychain-size device. Hell, give it a serial port if you really want to talk legacy (although hacking a system to boot an OS from serial would be more difficult).

Well, we’ll have to wait a little longer to see how good the brains are behind Legacy Windows. Maybe they’ll get it right eventually, and come up with something to challenge Linux on all those old boxes.

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EFI-To-BIOS Emulator To Get Windows On Macs

OSNews says there is work in developing an EFI-to-BIOS bridge solution. Basically, BAMBIOS is an EFI-capable operating system, that does absolutely nothing but run a standard BIOS, and then launch the BIOS-required operating system. The idea is that, on an Intel Mac, since you need BIOS to run Windows, you’d install BAMBIOS, which would load on boot and run a standard BIOS, and then run Windows.

This could have so much better applications than dual-booting Mac OS and Windows. A stable EFI/BIOS bridge would allow PC manufacturers to build EFI PCs even though there is no popular operating system to install on them. Dell could make an EFI PC, install BAMBIOS, then Windows, and have a PC that could run a future EFI version of Windows, whenever the hell that happens.

Simple future-proofing.

You know what I want: A mini-OS that boots, loads USB drivers, and lets me run Windows off a USB drive. That would be just peachy. Is there an option for this yet?
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Microsoft Made iPod Parody Video!

Remember the “How Would Microsoft Package The iPod” video, that hilariously showed how Microsoft would overload the iPod packaging with logos and infoboxes, ruining its asthetics? Well, the maker of the video has stepped forward:


Yeah, that’s right. Microsoft spokesman Tom Pilla told iPod Observer that the video was made to humorously show those in Microsoft the mistakes they commonly make. Or, as he puts it:

It was an internal-only video clip commissioned by our packaging [team] to humorously highlight the challenges we have faced RE: packaging and to educate marketers here about the pitfalls of packaging/branding,

They don’t seem mad it got out:

While MS did not release the video, it’s natural to share funny things with friends. So while we didn’t publicly share the video, it was shared with appropriate teams internally. We’re happy to see others enjoy the laugh as well.

Wow, MS gets us again, with a great viral clip. Unintentionally, they released a web hit that poked fun of themselves and made great points about branding. Lets see more people at Microsoft willing to expose and make fun of their mistakes, but lets try to use these example to improve things.
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Bluetooth Xbox 360 Headset

The Xbox 360 accessories keep coming.

$105 will get you a true Xbox 360-designed Bluetooth adapter, one that requires no hacking to plug into your controlles and will work with any Bluetooth headset. Oh, and it comes with a Bluetooth headset, so if you don’t have one, you’re done. If you do, sorry, no way to save that money.
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Next up, a 22-in-1 card reader for the 360. Complete with a swirly 360 design, this plugs into a USB port in the back of the console, and lets you attach:

Compact Flash Type I and II, MD, MMC, SM, MS, MS-MagicGate, MS-Memory Select Function, SMC, MS Pro Duo MagicGate, MMC 4.0, RS MMC, TF, MS Duo, MS Pro Duo, MS Pro, MS ROM, MS Pro MagicGate, MagicStore, RS MMC 4.0

Holy crap! Oh, and it gives you three bonus USB ports. Just because, baby!
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Finally, some silicone covers for your precious 360 controller. So they feel like stuff you like. Pervert! If you really need these, enjoy. I don’t see the point.
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MSN Spaces Implements RSS “Last Modified” Element

Seeing that MSN Spaces RSS feeds were having issues in Bloglines, looking like they were changing constantly due to dynamic elements, MSN Spaces introduced a new field to their feeds:


Any RSS reader can check that field to see when the last time an item was modified, and if it hasn’t changed, everything else is ignored. A good fix, but one I’d rather get handled by an industry-standard RSS field. Maybe it’ll happen eventually, and maybe this’ll be this. I just know I’ll be glad when I go into Bloglines and I don’t see every Spaces feed pretending to have 30 new items.

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Get 6000 Xbox Live Points Quickly

Gamespot as a feature showing how you can rack up 6000 Xbox Live points in a relatively short period of time. If you just got your 360, and you want to catch up, get an unlimited gaming rental pass, and pick up games for a few hours at a time, and before your first month is up, you won’t look like a total “newb”.
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links for 2006-03-14

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Wireless Xbox 360 Headset

A brilliant idea: Attach a wireless headset to your wireless Xbox 360 controller. Then, you can play games over Xbox Live (using a wireless wi-fi connection) with a wireless LCD projecter, which you turned on with your wireless remote. Don’t forget to chat with your Live friends on your wireless phone, type to them with your wireless keyboard, and kill yourself with your wireless noose.

Wait, that’s just stupid! You can’t use a wireless noose!

But seriously, there’s a wireless Xbox 360 headset from Turtle Beach called the Ear Force X2 (yeah, that name isn’t stupid), coming for $100 on March 20.

Also, the Hori 360 Turbo controller I mentioned two weeks ago is now available. Buy it here for $35+9 shipping, or wait for a non-sucks online store that charges MSRP ($30) with free shipping.

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Office 2007 Beta 1 Refreshed

Microsoft today released the refresh of Beta 1 of Office 2007 (could we just call it Beta 2 and feel better?). Besides the UI changes and stability improvements, Office 2007 has been updated to work with the Windows Vista February CTP, according to Neowin. If you can afford to, wait a day or two before hittin up betaplace. Its slooooooooooooow!

Oh, and bit torrent is waiting. :-D

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