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Windows Sideshow Getting Buzz

One of the overlooked excellent features for Windows Vista is Windows SideShow, which allows for external displays/devices that access data from the computer, even when its off. Time Magazine listed SideShow in its What’s Next In Gadgets showcase, mentioning that some SideShow devices in laptops may actually be removable. Wow.
(via the SideShow blog)

Engadget also notes that PortalPlayer, maker of the guts of the iPod, are supplying a lot of the chips for the SideShow auxiliary displays. That’s some good experience to have on your side.

I gotta say, the one thing that would stop me from buying a UMPC is a well-designed SideShow laptop. I’ve already got my dream next laptop pictured in my mind: The Dell XPS Mobile Concept PC (with its 20-inch screen, detachable Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth remote) running Windows Vista, with a detachable Sideshow device. I’d have the mammoth 18-pound monster laptop in my bag, and pull out the Sideshow device for casual use.

Basically, it comes down to this: Either I can buy a laptop with a SideShow device, with the tiny device having very limited functionality but being tied to the monster laptop and the data on it, or I can get a UMPC, retain a lot of my functionality, but have to replicate the data accross two seperate computers. If Microsoft can find a way to tie a UMPC to a specific computer, and tie all the data on the UMPC to that computer, and make them work well together, then I’ll get the UMPC. Otherwise, I’ll settle for the lesser SideShow device, because it’ll “complete” my digital lifestyle better.

Oh, and the 18-pound laptop isn’t for most people. But for me, its like god with a dual core processor.

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