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Catching Up: Remainder Links

Long weekend, speed-blogging to catch up…

Here’s everything that’s been sitting in tabs, begging for a post:

There’s an RSS screensaver that grabs picture feeds. The kicker? It uses IE7′s common RSS feed list. I’ve been using Outlook 2007, and the common feed list really comes alive with that program.

Microsoft said Open was ten years behind current Microsoft Office programs, offering little more features than Office 95 had. Clearly, they forgot how primitive Office 95 was, compared to Office 2007. However, Open really just does not stack up to the things Microsoft is building into 2007, and has trouble with many competing with the 2000-2003 versions as well.

Before you email something that was made in an Office program, use the Microsoft Office Remove Hidden Data Add-in, which will take out that “my prick boss made me do this” before you email that spreadsheet to your boss. A lifesaver, and a jobsaver.

Ah, and Microsoft finally updated Office for Mac. And CNet ran a comparison of the Mac Mini against Windows Media Center, without offering any facts about Media Center, just vague criticisms.

34 tabs open, 1371 Bloglines items to go…

March 20th, 2006 Posted by | Apple, Applications, General, Internet Explorer, Media Center, Office, Outlook | one comment

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  1. Two months ago, I developped exactly the same application, strange isn’t it ? Some differences :
    * .NET 2.0 C# source code under GPL
    * works with any Windows XP + .NET 2.0 framework
    * works with any feed containing enclosure tags _or_ media:content tags
    * you can modify some of the parameters (a GUI lets you change the timings, background color, URL feed, font colors…)
    * image/feed background refresh (in separate threads)
    * high quality image resizing for full screen display

    Comment by damien | April 10, 2006

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