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Catching Up: Mix 06 Day One

Lots of reports from Mix 06 as my desperate (and failing) trek to catch up continues…

Luc Van Braekel, the far too kind fellow who hosts my podcasts, is live blogging Mix 06. Lets see what he’s got.

Bill Gates keynote was this morning. He mentioned, among other things:

  • Outlook 2007 can create rules for RSS items, just like it does for email. VERY useful.
  • MySpace guys were there, said they were going to use Windows Sidebar. Marc Canter screamed at them, “Give us open APIs, please!”. Go Marc!
  • Gates hunches over too much. He looks stranger than usual. I can’t imagine what a 60-year old Bill will look like. Luc issued a post about the strange Gates picture, in which he Photoshopped Bill, only to make him look worse!
  • Gates showed off the Samsung Origami UMPC. Excellent, but I’d prefer ASUS.

Dean Hachmovitch discussed IE7, A9 OpenSearch, IE7 printing, Phishing Filter, InfoCard. Arrington, Zawodny, O’Reilly, others discuss Web 2.0, innovation and money. They showed off an Xbox 360 game using a text-to-speech engine for dialogue (brilliant!). And, of course, there were parties.

Now, onto other sources I’m not as grateful towards :-) :

InformationWeek reports Gates said they will deliver new version of Internet Explorer very often, as much as every 9 months to a year.
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GizBuzz reports the new build of IE7 was released today, the “layout-complete” build. Download it here. Uninstall previous builds of IE7 before installing the new one. Apparently, besides the rendering changes and CSS attributes added, there were issues with Blogger that have been fixed.
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Microsoft also handed out the March CTP of Atlas, its AJAX/ toolkit, according to BetaNews, while updating the license to allow developers to roll out their Atlas applications into production.
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Newsgator has announced it will support the Windows RSS platform.

40 tabs open, 1470 Bloglines items to go…

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