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Windows Live Product Search Coming

LiveSide reports that Windows Live Product Search is in development. Much like Froogle, WLPS would have price comparisons, and add Windows Live staples like detail sliders to hide/show metadata. Rumors are they would also include buying guides and links to articles and blog posts. If Microsoft’s truly smart, they’ll include Expo listings.

They’ve also recently written about Windows Live Academic Search, Windows Live Local being named best online mapping by PC World, Live Clipboard developments, sending Live Local results to your mobile device. LiveSide rocks, tis true.

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Windows Vista’s System Accelerators

Microsoft has debuted the final names for Windows Vista’s system accelerator features:

  • Windows SuperFetch: preloads commonly used applications into memory
  • Windows ReadyBoost: uses flash memory (USB/SD/CF) to boost system performance
  • Windows ReadyDrive: uses hybrid hard drives (HDs that also have solid state memory) to boot faster, resume faster, and use a lot less battery power

These are all some pretty cool ideas, and show some original thinking at Microsoft. I just hope people who can get good use of out them, do, and that manufacturers actually deliver the hybrid hard drives.
(via Longhorn Blogs)

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MSN Spaces Adds Windows Live Expo Content

MSN Spaces has added a Windows Live Expo module, so people can list their Expo items on their Space. You can post your free listing on Expo and then have it displayed automatically, with a photo and an excerpt, to visitors to your blog.

The Spaces team has been busy lately. Their biggest addition was the RSS feed module last month. It allows you to create a sidebar module containing content from any RSS feed, letting you include Flickr photos, sports scores, your other blogs, links, Netflix rentals, and your Amazon wishlist.

Meanwhile, Expo is running an interesting contest. If you attend one of four colleges (University of Wisconsin – Madison, University of Washington, Ohio State University, University of Texas) then “International Collector Edward G. Ramos III” is looking to buy items from you. Ramos III is looking for “obscure” yet valueless items, for which he’ll pay top dollar (in other words, if you list something stupid, you might win a prize).

He’s looking for:

  • 40 piggy banks at $20 apiece
  • 20 Smiley Faced maracas at $30 apiece
  • 20 hardhats for $30 apiece
  • 10 stuffed huskies or stuffed Bucky Badgers at $100 apiece
  • 10 “Death to Smoochy” DVDs for $100 apiece
  • 2 Atari Donkey Kong game cartridges for $500 each
  • 2 Ice Cube or Death Cab For Cutie concert tickets for $500 each
  • A Homer Simpson Chia Pet for $1000
  • An Easy-Bake Oven for $1000

What a cool idea! My only regret is that it is limited to college students, and specific college students, which means I can’t get the Donkey Kong bounty (I’ve held onto that game long enough, and $500 is plenty!). Edward G. Ramos III has his own MSN Space, even.

Expo seems to be taking off. There are over 3000 listings in the New York area, and they aren’t promoting and aren’t really accepting many New York people, so that’s significant. I hope more people try it out, since Windows Live has taken a unique and smart approach to the online community marketplace.

If you haven’t given it a shot, check it out.

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Dell’s Uber-Laptop May Be The Real Deal

Engadget got a tip that Dell plans to release its 18-pound, 20-inch widescreen laptop that it showed off as a concept PC at CES, possibly as early as next month. Called the XPS M2010, besides the mammoth screen and weight, and the carrying handle for when the case is closed, it would have a detachable full-size Bluetooth keyboard, 8 speakers, an Intel Core Duo processor, ATI’s Mobility Radeon X1800, support for 4 gig of SDRAM, ExpressCard, and a 1.3 megapixel videocam.

Damn, that’s some sweetness.

Of course, at 18 pounds and with a 18.5×15.0 inch footprint, you won’t just need a larger laptop bag, you’ll need to hit the gym. Seriously. If you want to avoid back problems, some serious weightlifting is the only way this’ll work.

Still, I want it so badly, it hurts. I won’t buy it until it comes with Windows Vista and a detachable SideShow device (you know, for when I don’t want to take the 18-pound laptop out of the bag) and it had better have a large-ass battery, but when it does, if it does, this is my laptop of the future.

Someone show me something better.

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