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HD-DVD and HDCP Coming To Xbox 360 At E3?

With E3 coming up real fast, and Microsoft not having as big announcements as Sony and Nintendo (which are about to drop new consoles), Microsoft just has to do something interesting at the big game show. While unveiling Halo 3 would be huge, its more likely that Engadget is on the ball when they pass on the rumor that Microsoft will drop the Xbox 360′s HD-DVD add-on drive.

Microsoft has said the drive will arrive this year, so E3 would be the right time for us to get it. Also, we could see HDCP compliance for the 360, a DVI cable, or the camera. I’m hoping Microsoft releases a bunch of 360 peripherals, since that would give the 360 the appearance of being a mature platform when the PS3 hits and has some of the same launch problems Microsoft had to deal with.

Yeah, word is that you can guarantee the PlayStation 3 will have bugs at launch. Kotaku says Sony is still bidding on components, and will likely be developing and debugging right up to, and possibly past launch day. They also say that, currently, it looks like the PS3′s components won’t fit in the case they’ve been showing off.

Maybe Sony can be smart and redesign the console to be more of a boxy shape, so it’ll actually fit in a home theatre setup.

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