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Some Office 14 Details

Office 2007 (v12) is still eight months away, and InfoWorld is already reporting on Office 14. First off, there won’t be an Office 13, which is interesting enough already. But what’s news about Office 14 is that it will be offered in different versions not based on how much you can afford to pay for it, but based on what job you have.

Versions would be implemented for roles such as research and development professionals, sales persons, and human resources. “We would call this role-based productivity. It’s a very powerful concept,” Witts said.

So, while we’ll probably still have Office Pro and Office Small Business and Office Student/Teacher and Office Home, we’ll also have Office Sales, Office HR, Office for Research, and so on. While some people think more SKUs just mean more problems, it really means that everyone can get the software that need, and not have to pay for the whole suite.

It kills me that there is no perfect version of Office 2007, and that I’ll likely have to pay more to put one together than I would if it were available as a “Office Nathan” suite. I talked about this back when the Office 2007 bundles were announced. I think more choice means cheaper Office, if exactly the Office you need is released. Lets hope exactly that happens.
(via Microsoft Watch)

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