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Xbox Live Diamond Card Runs With Misprint

Joystiq points out that Microsoft shipped the first Xbox Live Diamond cards, which should get you some discounts just for being a Live user, came with an interesting typo. Click the link, and see it.

What, you really couldn’t spot it? Make sure you look closely, and check out each word trhu and trhu.

Could be worse. The could have misspelled one of the big words, like Xxob, Liev, or Dianomd.

And, again, since I don’t want people thinking I’m being lazy: Because of my last two weeks of vacation, I’ve got a lot of saved “to blog” items. I realize stories like this one are two weeks old, but I’d rather blog them after I got back than not at all. I’ll still be posting new news as it happens, but when there’s little news, I’ll clear out a few of there.

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