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Complaints Over Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XI

Davis Freeberg (over at Thomas complains over the terrible experience that comes with a purchase of Final Fantasy XI for the Xbox 360. What do you get?

  • $59.99 for the box
  • 45 minute installation of SquareEnix PlayOnline
  • 90 minute installation of Final Fantasy XI
  • $12.95 monthly fee
  • $1 per character monthly fee

Not only that, but you have to register, and once that’s done, your copy of the game is tied to your Xbox Live account, and can never be played on another person’s console or resold.

So, you have to install, which is something that should never happen on a console. You have to pay $228 for the first year (assuming you only want one character), as well as give up a huge chunk of hard drive space other games could be using.

While a person should know going in that there is a monthly fee, it is conceivable they don’t, and retail purchases don’t do a good job warning of that. Additionally, when it costs a minimum of $168 a year, there’s no stupid reason to charge sixty bucks for the box. Lets be honest: at that monthly price, the box should be free, especially since its short 90 minutes of downloaded content.

Also, there’s no warning that you can’t resell the game. If publishers are going to put resell protection on the disk, then they should have to warn you. Still, I’m really worried that the used game market is going to dry up because of locks like these, and that is only going to make people buy less games.

When my Xbox 360 finally arrives (the shortage never ends!), I’d like to try out FF XI. However, I’d rather have a Nintendo DS. And since the DS is cheaper than this one freakin’ game, I know what I’m doing.

Here’s what Joystiq has to say:

The installation process for the game is, by all accounts, clunky and unfriendly. You might be able to get away with that on the PS2, which doesn’t have a unified, easy-to-use online service, but it’s shameful to allow the same to happen on the 360 which has won kudos for being user friendly.

Requiring consumers to complete an hours-long installation process before fees are spelled out is shady and manipulative. Researchers have demonstrated that large sunk costs (of time or of money) increase the likelihood that individuals will continue to pay for small incremental charges that occur later.

April 24th, 2006 Posted by | General, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox Live | 4 comments

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  1. My whole installation of Playonline and FFXI together took a little less then one hour. Also the box only cost $49.99 at local Best Buy store. The monthly fee is well worth it.

    Comment by Eric | June 6, 2006

  2. .lol you make me laugh mna. First this web site you HAVE to leave your email (required) but you say it wont be used. Yet you complain about the games “shady” dealings. lol funny. anyway mate. installing t his game was meant for PC it was converted to work on Xbox so stop crying. second.
    If yu bought the game you are wlll aware of the months fees, youd also be aware of the size of the game. It is MANY disks.
    your crying is insanity to reead, you sir can NOT be a real gamer as gamers know full well what to exspect out of a MMORPG. oh and since it is MM.. yeah uhmm. time will be required upon installation. The ONLY way NOT to know that is to be a total gameing newb.

    Comment by ZIM | September 23, 2006

  3. Zin: Have you ever commented on a blog before? Almost every blog requires you to enter your email address, although most let you enter a fake one. Gee, you’d think that everyone knew how the system worked, you must be a blog commenting “newb”…

    Get it? Not everyone has played an MMO. There are over a hundred million console players, but barely over a million MMO users, so it stands to reason that many of them have never paid a monthly fee for a game. And no console game has ever had to be installed before, as far as I know, so this is something surprising for buyers.

    However, the installation time could be forgiven if buyers were made aware of all the fees before going through the installation process.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | September 25, 2006

  4. Well… The only thing (in my opinion, which is the only right one) is that FF11 is lacking in every aspect of a MMO.. that being said, it also lacks in alot things I love about Final Fantasy.
    Now before you fanboys get all pissy… know that I am FF fanboy #1
    This games is best MMO for graphics, the gear selection is very nice, and they have the only AH (Auction house) system that really works good.
    I have played just about every MMO I can find, most Free ones are much better MMO experince.
    CAlling this game “Random MMO” helps… calling it FF will just piss me off. If you notice or pay attention, you will see all the good ideas they had for the game, and how they seemed to give up 75% done. Loop-Holes in the Terms of Service give High-lvls an Un-fair advantage in the game, most games do what they can to fix this, but FF team will not, nor will they listen to your comments. They do not care about you or the money you spend, remeber this at all times.
    And don’t forget about RMT/GS (real Money Traders / Gilselers) They make it impossible to buy anything good in the game, becuase people buy gil from them online and give it to u in the game… so Gil is not an issue, unless you play the game fair… Plus it is like $600 for 20K gil.
    One more thing, my list is to long… If you like to discover new ways to play a game or style… this is NOT~~~~ repeat NOT the game for you, You HAVE to play this game 100% the way everyone else does and say’s to, or you will get big N00B-Title and no one will invite you to party (teamup) note: it is all about your SUBJOB , pick the right subjob for your main job, you should have no problems.
    I have 100s of reason to not play this game. (though I play it everyday, along with a few others :)

    But none of your make any sense.. all MMO games need to install.. and 12.95 is Cheap pre month. If all the things he listed, u do not like, no reason for you to play any MMO. If my reasons scare you… go find a Free MMO or go back to WOW or COH.

    so recap… you will not find a better looking, half- finished, non-FF game than Final Fantas 11~~!

    Comment by Required | December 24, 2006

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