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Mother Of All Xbox 360 Cables

Xbox 360 Fanboy shows a great Xbox 360 cable, one that has every output you could ever need. Useful if you tend to take the 360 all over the place, and want to allways have a screen whereever you are. It supports:

  • VGA Signal
  • RGB Signal (True RGB signal)
  • Component Signal (Stereo Function)
  • S-AV Signal
  • AV Signal (Stereo Function)
  • High Quality and High Speed for Transfer Signal
  • Dolby Prologic
  • DTS 5.1 Channel System
  • DOLBY Digital and Surround Sound
  • Stereo Sound
  • Optical Signal
  • Compatible with Surround Receiver or Integrated Amplifier
  • Support CRT, Plasma, LCD or any HD TV system
  • Fully compatible with xbox 360â„¢ console and any TV system
  • Support D2 ( 4801/ 480 P): (720 i/720 P) $ D4 (1080 i/1080 P) technology

I see nine outputs on the end of the cable in that picture. Nice.

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