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Scoble’s Shoot For The Moon

Scoble is calling for Microsoft to “bet the company”, as it has done in the past. The basic thinking is that Microsoft is too afraid to do anything dramatic and risky, the type of things that would revitalize the company and win the future.

When I was at Microsoft in January, I met a lot of talented people, but I also met a bunch of people for whom innovation was something they were afraid to do, because they believed the company wouldn’t allow them to innovate. If employees believe that if they do too well, their team will be disbanded, or sued, or watered down, or saddled with a bad product name, or buried within bad marketing, then the solution is to send a message both to users and employees that things have changed.

Scoble’s got a good idea how:

A guaranteed Terabyte of Internet-based storage space for EVERYTHING and for EVERYONE running Windows in the world.

Absolutely. That is the type of thinking that can work. Windows users get a full terabyte to use any way they want. It can be used for straight up file storage, for Windows Live services (like email, web hosting/Office Live), anything, as a benefit for being a Windows user. It’s the type of idea that targets both the operating system and Web 2.0 areas at once, and its the type of bold idea that needs to be done.

I’m not saying it is the idea, but get together enough of these ideas, and you will save the company.

Scoble’s got some other ideas I agree less with, like that more productive computer setups will make a huge difference (they won’t; there are tablets all over MS and that hasn’t), public salary systems (lets not make money the big issue). However, I do believe that MS Marketing should be publicly accountable, because they haven’t been doing their job, certainly not as well as they used to.

So, what other big ideas are out there? What can they do to create buzz, reward customers, and send a message to employees that the time to innovate is now, and that they will be rewarded, not dissapointed? The time is now, because once Vista and Office 2007 hits, it’s all down from there.

April 24th, 2006 Posted by | Corporate, General | one comment

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  1. I feel like I wasted my time reading that. Here’s what I took out of it: “I’m a massive Second Life fanboy. Let me figure out a way I can make my entire supposedly ‘real’ life revolve around it. The end.”

    Seriously, it sounded like someone wrote a manifesto based on the time they spent in a Sims hottub. Christ on a cracker.

    Comment by Stu | April 24, 2006

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