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Windows Live Mail To Have 120-Day Expiration

One short-sighted limitation in Hotmail is that accounts expire after 30 days. If you go away for just over four weeks on vacation, you could return to find your entire inbox emptied out, and frankly, it stinks. I’m grateful for having Premium service, but you shouldn’t have to pay for this.

Thankfully, Windows Live Mail will give users a 120-day expiration. While this means a good four months before you lose all your email, Gmail gives you nine month. I think that, with most people never reaching the full limits of 2 gigabyte email accounts, and storage getting cheaper, there’s no reason Microsoft can’t meet Google’s policy.

Premium Windows Live Mail accounts will not have to worry about expiration, and will not see ads, either. Premium Hotmail accounts still cannot switch to Windows Live Mail, which drives me nuts, especially since Raquel has it and I don’t.

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