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Xbox 360 Breaks Waterballoon Fight Record

Over the weekend, the big Xbox 360 water balloon fight was held in Australia. More than 2,900 fans gathered and threw over 50,000 water balloons, matching in balloons the same number of consoles that have been sold since the 360 launched in Australia a month ago. They also set the all-time water balloon fight record, pending Guiness approval, beating 2,677 Spaniards. Kotaku is calling it the WBC (get it?), not to be confused with that other WBC, and they’ve got great, detailed coverage.

Can you imagine how hard it must have been to fill up 50,000 balloons with water? Jeez. There are a lot of photos at the official site, including the words “Xbox 360″ spelled out in the sand with hundreds of people.

By the way, looking at the photos, it looks like almost every participant in the balloon fight was male. Way to fight stereotypes. Can’t even get female gamers on a beach.

Also, does the success of this event mean we’ll finally get a water balloon video game? I hope so. Online play would be killer.

Finally, Flashmob UF organized a live action remake of the “banned” Xbox 360 shootout commercial. Sorta.

There’s one moment near the end that makes it all worth it.

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