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Microsoft: Time To Buy?

Blogging Stocks wonders, now that Microsoft stock has reached a four-year low, is it time to buy in? I say, “Absolutely”.

A lot of people abandoned Microsoft in the last week, not having the stomach for a very expensive fight with Google. That means a lot of the long-term owners of MSFT, the ones who sat around and did nothing with their shares since the late 90s, are now gone, and more dynamic investments could happen with a newer class of investors.

Additionally, Microsoft may have a huge year, with reports of Vista and Office 2007 sales, as well as Playstation 3 shortages, the launch of AdCenter and the emergence of Windows Live, all having a good shot at boosting the stock price. If you wanted in on Microsoft stock, the time is now.

Of course, if Microsoft is going to fall apart in the future, this week is likely the beginning of the end. So keep that in mind…

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