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Bruce Clay Inc.’s Lisa Barone writes about some things I’ve been talking about, and since I don’t see anywhere to leave comments, I’m responding here. Unless you like sitting in dark rooms, read her post, then return.

First off, regarding Windows Live Mail Desktop: It is beta software, and a lot of things have been improved since the build I tested. Still, like any software that uses the internet, firewall configurations are always tricky. I finally managed to make sure that my firewall let WLMD through, and I can use the product safely from now on, so don’t worry about that.

Funny you mention a desktop version of Gmail. I’ve been thinking the same thing.

Finally, regarding CelebFavorites: Besides getting some publicity for the service, and getting people to see how darn good the Live Local interface is, CelebFavorites is supposed to show people how easy it is for them to show off their favorite places, just like Eva Longoria can. I had no idea it was that easy, and I’ve had drinks with the people making the product.

I do think they did a crappy job getting the point accross. There should have been a big link at the top of the page saying, “Like this? You can share your favorites, too!” leading to a short walkthrough, with the ability to save and blog your favorites. There has to be someone at Windows Live whose job is to examine the ways they can take advantage of social networks and the blogosphere to create buzz on their products, and I hope they hire someone like that soon.

Anyway, enjoyed the post. I think at SES New York, I saw 150 people with Bruce Clay Inc. badges :-)

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