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Windows Live Celebrity Favorites

Windows Live Local Celebrity Favorites
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The MapPoint blog announces a new Windows Live Local mashup service: Celebrity Favorites. They interviewed a bunch of famous people, asking them about the places they love to frequent in their hometown. The celebs and cities are:

  • Jeff Bridges — Santa Barbara
  • Stacy Keibler — Washington, D.C., and Baltimore
  • Anna Kournikova — Miami
  • Eva Longoria — San Antonio
  • Alex Rodriguez — New York
  • Matt Leinart – Los Angeles
  • Brittany Murphy – Edison, NJ
  • Brad Paisley – Nashville, TN

Pretty cool idea, and less a waste of your time than Gawker Stalker (although far less titillating). If you are celebrity obsessed (I’m not), this could be just your thing. The point is to show that you can do the same thing. I took ten minutes, and I made my own tour of places in New York. You want to see it?

Just click this link

Number nine is my favorite, obviously. See how easy that is? All Windows Live Local needs is to create an embeddable IFRAME, and any blogger will be able to share something like this, witha single click, just like we share videos. PLEASE give me that feature, pretty please?

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