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Xbox 360 On South Park

I saw this, and Joystiq and Xbox 360 Fanboy also write about it. Wednesday’s South Park had the kids playing on an Xbox 360. Of course, they were using a Core System, with four wired controllers and a crappy TV, but considering the Cartman family budget, I’m not surprised. With a Premium system and wireless controllers, the same money would have netted him maybe two controllers, but at least Cartman would have the hard drive and backwards compatibility.

What does Ms. Cartman do for a living? Hook?

May 5th, 2006 Posted by | General, Xbox, Xbox 360 | one comment

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  1. “What does Ms. Cartman do for a living? Hook?”


    She’s a crack-whore, or is called one anyway. She made the cover of Crack Whore magazine, if I remember correctly.

    Comment by Michael Akerman | May 5, 2006

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