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Microsoft Invests In Analytics Firm

Microsoft has announced a significant investment in DeepMetrix, a web analytics firm with 15 years of experience behind it. The plan is to integrate DeepMetrix’s web analytics into programs like Microsoft AdCenter, Windows Live Search, Office Live, MSN Spaces, and other MS products.

From Ben Charny:

DeepMetrix makes a number of different software applications, including graphical bulletin boards. But what most attracted Microsoft is its feature that provides real-time information about the traffic visiting a Web site, details Web operators greatly benefit from knowing.

There’s talk that Microsoft is trying to compete with Google Analytics, but more likely it is just realizing that it has a lot of its users and customers need powerful web analytics, and an investment in DeepMetrix was the easiest and cheapest way to provide it. Any company dealing in the sort of web services Google and Microsoft provide needs analytics software, and it makes more sense to pay for it than hope to develop a world-class solution in a few short months.
(via Mary Jo Foley)

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  1. [...] The Gatineau code name is because the system is built on that of Gatineau, Canada-based DeepMetrix, which Microsoft acquired last May. Check out Ian Thomas’ blog for more info, and a way to get yourself on the invite list right now. [...]

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