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Pirate? Microsoft Will Break Your Head In!

According the The Enquirer, Microsoft sent some resellers a nice little package to fight software piracy. It says, “Lets beat the cheats; We’ll track down every illegal software supplier we can in {your town}”. Inside: A rock. Yeah, an honest to god rock. Jeez.

Underneath the rock, it says, “Let’s leave them no place to hide”.

So, is Microsoft trying to scare the retailers? Or enlist their help? Is the rock a threat, or a weapon? Not as bad as the dinosaurs, but this is one confusing campaign. And a little too violent in implication, you ask me.
(Found on Findory)

May 17th, 2006 Posted by | General | 3 comments

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  1. “Leave no stone unturned.”

    At least, I hope that’s the message.

    Comment by Michael Akerman | May 17, 2006

  2. Unless you’ve been living under a rock…

    Comment by Patrick | May 17, 2006

  3. Is Microsoft planning their Google attack?…

    Microsoft is taking serious steps in its attempt to pull itself up the search engine ladder. According to recent reports, the perennial number three engine is set to offer a new Web Analytics program, search software to aide employee/employer communica…

    Trackback by Bruce Clay, Inc. Blog | May 17, 2006

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