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Video Game Console Prices, Adjusted For Inflation

CurmudgeonGamer has adjusted the launch prices of video game consoles for inflation, showing a very different picture of the price landscape over the last thirty years. While the Xbox 360, starting at $300, looks to be one of the more expensive consoles (ignoring the absurdity that is the $500 PlayStation 3), it is in fact just about average after inflation.

While it might seem almost unfair to adjust it, the Core Xbox 360 adjusts upwards to $306 after inflation, making it cheaper than the first Xbox ($338/adjusted from $300), the PS2 ($348/$300), the Sega Saturn ($524/$400), the original PlayStation ($393/$300), the Sega Genesis ($306/$191), the NES ($364/$200) and the Atari 2600 ($659/$200).

As Boing Boing points out, Nintendo deserves a lot of credit for pricing each console generation exactly the same, which means that they are actually cheaper, adjusted for inflation, and supports the theory that the Wii will be $200.

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