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Linux 3D Desktop

Chris Avis points out some videos of a Linux 3D interface, one with far more graphical flourish than you’d see in Windows or Mac OS. I’ve grabbed some Google Videos for you to see it in action:

Here you get a good idea of the cube-based interface.

Here you can see some of the windows management and tranparency (which is overdone to the point of being useless.

This video has narration to explain some of the capabilities.

Here you can see that the windows are “rubbery”, so that they kind of bend and twist a little when you drag them around.

That last video is much longer, at it gets into everything.

So, what is this?

Compiz is built on a new X server, named Xgl, which in turn employs the OpenGL graphics layer Glitz. Compiz was released by Novell in January 2006 in the wake of a new Xgl version.

Confused? Now you understand why so few people use Linux for personal computing. Even the best stuff they have isn’t simple enough for the average person to try out, let alone consider using on a daily basis. Everytime I try using Linux, I run into a steep learning curve that makes me quit. There just isn’t enough of a benefit for all that grief.

Plain and simple: I have a Dell laptop running Pentium M and an ATI Mobility Radeon. Standard, popular parts. If there is a CD/DVD I can burn and run to install this, I’d try it. If I have to hit a command line or compile anything, I’m out.

May 24th, 2006 Posted by | General, Linux | 3 comments

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  1. I’m sorry…. What’s so hard? It has features. You can use them or not. Where’s the “steep” learning curve. Please don’t act stupid. Don’t fear things because the bill’s company tells you to!

    Comment by graham | July 29, 2006

  2. You will praise MS gloriously if this was developed by MS right?
    Pretty sad

    Comment by penguin | March 10, 2007

  3. This is just sad. Do you mean to state that a command line evokes so much fear and loathing that you think having virus-laden bloatware is a much better alternative than the freedom that is an Open-source OS? (That’s short for Operating_System, btw). As to those complexities you are mentioning, please tell me of an ‘average user’ (windows user is what I would suppose you meant, as most Linux users are not so ignorant) who can explain the underpinings of DX10. At any rate, this probably means nothing to you, but I write this from a Kubuntu Linux 7.04 desktop running Apache-SSL, with Compiz on an Nvidia card. It all works fine, and yes, that’s Apache 1.3 under the hood, kicking out an average of three-thousand page visits per day off of my site (which has absolutely NO Microsoft products on it, or in it, or.. well. You get the idea.
    Hey ! Going back to what you were hinting at (Basically reitterating (look it up on your own time) what I say all the time anyways, the part about your avarage windows user being a total dumbass.. why did you even purchase a laptop and try to run Linux on one of the least supported graphics card running on an X11 server? That’s just asking for a kick in the pants from the xserver configuration files. Oh well .. I will go back to my beloved Linux (Just did an SSH into my Debian Testing sitting there in the corner to check some things out (yes, you can do that for free on Linux/UNIX) and will probably end up tinkering with my Sun Solaris 10 setup later on tonite.. You enjoy being a retard, as it makes those of us who can postulate a query of a nature less inclined to ass-kickery by our ‘peers’ (loosely used here, as you are obviously just a hamster being fed by that machine you bend over for) have such an simple time selling (the concept anyways, as the rest is free) our UNIX/Linux boxes to the rest of the planet (again this is sarcasm directed at your feeble little mind.
    ~Cheers !

    Comment by James A. WIlson | July 25, 2007

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