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Windows Sidebar Gadget Gallery

Microsoft has launched a very small gallery of Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets, for installing in Vista Beta 2. It is located at, and currently has eight Gadgets:

  • Scribble – a chalkboard for doodling and notes, with or without a Tablet PC

  • Sudoku

  • A memory game

  • Jacks-or-better video poker

  • A Simon-like game (remembering the pattern of lights)

  • Jamometer – Seattle- and Puget Sound-area traffic

  • Sudoku Assistant – for solving Sudoku games easier and faster.

These are in addition to the Gadgets that already come with Vista, but add up to a sad and small number. Considering how light and easy to use the Gadgets are, I desperately want more. After a lot of searching, I found exactly one Gadget to use: a power meter gadget, from Encyclotech. They also have a search Gadget and a Run Gadget. If anyone finds any others, let me know.

I like to run my Gadgets mostly-transparent, so they don’t distract, but can be seen only when I want them. This can be accomplished by right-clicking any Gadget, clicking Opacity, and then selecting a level (I chose the lowest, 20%). This works because the second your mouse passes over a Gadget, the opacity is temporarily turned off. Here you can see them all in action, with some pulled off the Sidebar, as I prefer them:


I’m running the power meter, calculator, CPU meter, clock, Recycle Bin and Post-it Notes. The clock is not transparent, because the style I customized it to, with its neon colors, matches my desktop image perfectly.

Finally, a little Windows Vista Sidebar tip: To show the Sidebar at any time, just hit the Windows key + Spacebar. It will immediately appear over anything, with all the Gadgets. Took me twenty minutes to find that one.

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  1. You seem to be having too much fun with Windows Vista, Nathan. Glad to see the shots though. ;-)

    Comment by Devin | May 31, 2006

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