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Major Xbox Live Update Delivered

Microsoft delivered the huge Xbox Live dashboard update, dropping 125 new features and improvements on users. They included, according to the Xbox Team blog (which lists all of them):

  • Download Manager – background downloading, up to six downloads, in a queue
  • DVD bookmark remembers where you left off
  • Set to boot to dashboard, even if a disk is sitting in the drive
  • Volume levels persist between games and reboots
  • Status set to “Away” when screensaver starts playing
  • DVD player outputs at native resolution over VGA connection
  • DVD play attempts to work through disc read errors
  • Full USB keyboard support
  • Backwards compatible games can now show wireless controller battery level

(via Engadget)


Halo 2 just reached the 500 millionth online game played. Yikes!

Someone made a portable original Xbox, by cramming all the original hardware into a smaller form factor, with a screen. Note the word “portable”, not “handheld”.

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