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Return; Link Dump

Yes, I am back, and I am back to blogging. But, before things get back to normal, here’s the world’s greatest link dump:

– Looks like deleting shortcuts in Windows Vista is going to be a real pain, with seven steps involved

– … because Vista tends to show the administrator priveleges requests far too often. However, word is User Account Control will be less frequent in Vista Release Candidate 1

Vista also sucks up a ton of battery juice (which I can attest to, from personal experience), although Microsoft is trying to improve matters

– Did you find the Windows Live beta gift of Messenger themes lame?

– There’s an API for Windows Live Expo

– Apparently, Microsoft offered to bundle Flash player in Windows in return for PDF support in Office. Sounds like a great trade, for both sides.

Microsoft bought iView Media, a digital image management software company

– The preview of Windows Live Spaces looks KILLER

Windows Live Search now has cached web pages

– Microsoft is undertaking a major expansion in Redmond

Do Service Packs count as Operating Systems? Does Apple do more than Microsoft, given that neither has released a new OS in years?

– Does Firefox’s lack of phishing detection make it less secure than IE7?

Great quote: “Warren Buffet is so rich, he hired Bill Gates to spend his money”.

Ed’s experience with Windows Vista decay is the opposite of mine. My system has only gotten more stable as time passes.

– Watch out! It’s the Live Local van, driving through your area!

Microsoft got a contract to provide software for Formula 1 racing

– More info out on Windows Media Photo

Microsoft released Private Folder 1.0, a free program that makes it real easy to have a protected folder

– Wouldn’t it be cool if Windows Explorer had tabs, just like a web browser?

– You can pre-order Halo 3 for about seventy bucks.

– This rocks: Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged, a DVD with six popular Live Arcade games for just $40.

– Check out these Windows Mobile robots

– Here’s a cool Notepad trick, and how to make a string that breaks the program

– Microsoft has retooled the Vista Performance Rating, calling it now the Windows Experience Index

Microsoft sold exactly 8 original Xboxes in Japan in June. The 360 is doing slightly better.

– There’s an Xbox 360 faceplate database

Free games that run in Windows Media Center

Bill Gates to keynote at CES 2007

– Gates puts Vista’s chances of shipping in January at 80%. Engadget goes all “glass half empty“.

Firefox usage has topped 15%

– The EU fined Microsoft another $357 million

– Microsoft Windows Fundamentals, to run on really old systems, is now available for some to test

– Microsoft Office Home and Student will be available to OEMs, as well as a 60-day free trial

– Get YouTube on Media Center

– Windows Live Search, the software, is now called Windows Live Search Center. Much better name. Live Mail Desktop also becomes Live Mail Center

– Windows Live Messenger now works well with Yahoo IM contacts

– There are some Live Messenger wallpapers and screensavers

– Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 is now free

– Microsoft claims it had enterprise search first

– Microsoft is looking for a “Google Compete Lead”. Way to be obvious, fellas.

– Microsoft is changing the way it reports some of its earnings

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