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MSN Readying Release Of YouTube Competitor

LiveSide has the details on a Microsoft project called “Warhol”, which is now in beta testing to be released as MSN Soapbox (link not live yet). Soapbox will allow users to upload videos up to 100 megabytes, tag and categorize videos, watch videos and browse videos at the same time, subscribe to video RSS feeds, and embed videos in your blog.

Getting a video site to hold its own against YouTube is extremely difficult, although Microsoft has one powerful example to follow: MySpace. MySpace was able to launch MySpace Video and make it a major competitor, simply because it had a giant platform and integrated it really well. If Microsoft is smart, it’ll integrate Soapbox in a major way with Windows Live Spaces.

Spaces has so many millions of users, and they need to find a way to convince those users to use a Microsoft-owned service. One way: Interface. Uploading video to most major sites is a pain, since you are uploading via a web browser. Interruption in the connection? Start over! Windows Live can bring over some of its wonderful AJAX goodies to make a web-based video uploader that is foolproof and failsafe. Integrate it into Windows Live Writer to complete the double play.

So, if the secret to Soapbox is Windows Live, then why they hell is it MSN Soapbox and not Windows Live Soapbox?

September 7th, 2006 Posted by | General, Live, MSN, Spaces, Windows | one comment

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  1. Microsoft isn’t putting MSN Soapbox under their Live umbrella.

    I believe the reason is Live hasn’t rolled out everywhere and for everything yet, while MSN has 10′s of millions of users within their many services.

    Comment by Ben | September 11, 2006

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